Friday, 14 April 2017


Hello Arty Souls!

I feel the springtime is coming so I decided to go back to designing dremacatchers. I LOVE them as they they are an original paintings of mine captured in a form of dreamcatcher which in magicl ways keep your bad dreams away:) They are also great gift for communion or birthday. They can be also customized with a name:)
They really take hour to make as I paint a mixed media painting on fabric with layers of paints, decorative papers and stamps. Then I carefully match the 'tail' which colours match with painting. For tail I use laces, trims, wool and pieces of Indian sari.
I hope you enjoy them! 
You can buy theme here:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Introduction to Renesans Paints+ video tutorial

Today I would like to share with you my experience of fantastic watercolour and acrylic paints by Polish company Renesans. I created video for you with flower tutorial! Grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy!
Video tutorial

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Watercolour collage in my Etsy Shop

Hello Arty Souls!

I am very passionate recently about creating watercolour collages. I paint separately elements such as flowers, hearts, boats and I add them to the main piece. This way I create more texture an dimension:)
I hope you like them and now they are listed in my Etsy Shop:


Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Paintings+ Mixed Media Kits+ video

Helo My Arty Souls!
Happy New Year!!!
Today I wanted to show you few of my new watercolour paintings:) I am in love with this medium recently. I also add other mixed media pieces to the painting to add more texture!
I am also inviting you to my Etsy shop, which will be updated regularly:)
Scroll down to see the video about my new Mixed Media Kits;)

 Video here: 


Saturday, 10 December 2016

Frozen flowers- mixed media piece using dried flowers and Sculpture Medium

Hi Arty Souls!
Today I tried something else :) I was going to throw away the old bouquet where I though that maybe I can use it for a project:) I wanted to create an effect of flowers covered with frost and snow:)
And Sculpture Medium by Prima Marketing was perfect for it. I glued the flowers  to mdf board first using gel medium, then I put generous amount of scultpure medium, after that added a little bit of watercolours just to bring the texture out;) Around the edges I used Snow Paste by Prima Marketing.
At the end I sprinkled it with white glitter:)
All supplies you can find in Mixed Media Place


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Watercolour love

 Hello Arty Souls:)

Since I attended fabulous workshop with Danielle Donaldson, I am in love with watercolours:) And I do have my favourites already:) I use Watercolor Confections by Prima Marketing. They are coming in cute small and portable tins and they are combine in little colour pallets. There are 5 different pallets so far and I have four of them and I love all of them:) They have very strong pigment which allows to use them also in mixed media. These two paintings I made on white canvas 20cmx20cm. In the first one I used the Shimmering Lights set and I love its calm and natural tone:) As you can see, I added some embellishments too. One you add a little bit of gesso, watercolours will flow:)
 Here I used the Pastel set which has my favourite mint colour in it:)

 These are other three sets:
Do not be afraid of watercolours, just take time to play with them and to observe them:) And I can assure you, they are fun to works with:)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Black Friday in my Etsy shop

Dear Friends!
I have two days sale in my Etsy Shop!!!
20% on everything!!!
I added some original art work too!
Happy shopping!!!